Методика образования

Сохраненить в памяти

Допустим, вы нашли слово, выписали (или просто посмотрели в словаре). Как сохранить его в памяти?Это зависит от характерных свойств вашей памяти и от того...


Викторины - Punctuation

...is used to indicate possession.

a. A quotation
b. An apostrophe
c. A hyphen

...is used to mark the end of declarative and imperative sentences.

a. A period
b. A comma
c. A semi–colon

A comma...be....

Викторины - Question Words

...is the name of the President of the United States of America?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

...month is the Chinese new year?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

...is Christmas Day?


Викторины - Raise, Rise

If you have any questions,...your hand and I'll try to help you.


The student...a very good question about the importance of security in the big cities.


The sun...in the....