Методика образования

Сохраненить в памяти

Допустим, вы нашли слово, выписали (или просто посмотрели в словаре). Как сохранить его в памяти?Это зависит от характерных свойств вашей памяти и от того...


Викторины - Are You? Do You

...you like to play soccer?

a. Does
b. Do
c. Is
d. Are

Gabriela...like to watch T.V.

a. doesn't
b. don't
c. isn't
d. aren't

John is upset because he has a lot of homework and....

Викторины - Another, The Other, The Others, Others

There's no...way to do it.

the other

Some people like to rest in their free time...like to travel.

The others

This cake is....

Викторины - Word Form

There are seven on the table.

This is .

My father gave this camera.