Развитие английского языка

История английского языка

Как появился, развивался и как происходил процесс становления английского языка.Начнем с того, что исторически английский язык развивался совместно с историей Англии...


Викторины - Almost, Almost All, Most of

...people in the world want to lead a better life.

...junior high students in Japan and Korea have to study hard to pass high school examinations.

I like summer...the time, but August is really....

Викторина - Adjective Order

He invited that...lady to dinner.

young beautiful
beautiful young

These are...products.

excellent agricultural
agricultural excellent

Why can't you wear....

Викторины - Another, The Other, The Others, Others

There's no...way to do it.

the other

Some people like to rest in their free time...like to travel.

The others

This cake is....