Методика образования

Сохраненить в памяти

Допустим, вы нашли слово, выписали (или просто посмотрели в словаре). Как сохранить его в памяти?Это зависит от характерных свойств вашей памяти и от того...


Викторины - Question Tags and Short Answers

Luciano Pavarotti is a great singer,..._?

It isn't very cold today,..._?

Ms. Patton assigns a lot of homework,..._?

Викторины - Verbs

I...a CD for you at the shopping center.

a. buy
b. buys
c. bought

I...return your 10 dollars next week.

a. am
b. do
c. will

He...the first page of his book.

a. came
b. tore

Викторины - Question Words

...is the name of the President of the United States of America?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

...month is the Chinese new year?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

...is Christmas Day?