Методика образования

Сохраненить в памяти

Допустим, вы нашли слово, выписали (или просто посмотрели в словаре). Как сохранить его в памяти?Это зависит от характерных свойств вашей памяти и от того...


Лексика - Internet Terms

ADN — (Advanced Digital Network)

Usually refers to a 56Kbps leased-line.

ADSL — (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line)

A DSL line where the upload speed is different from the download speed. Usually the download speed is much greater.

Ajax — (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

A way of including content in a web page in which javascript code in the web page fetches....

Глоссарии - Американские идиомы: A

To accept and obey; be willing to follow. A basketball player may know he did not foul, but he must abide by the referee's decision. The members agree to abide by the rules of the club.
, A small amount; some. There's no sugar in the sugar bowl, but you may find a bit in the bag. If the ball had hit the window a bit harder, it would have broken it. —....

Викторины - Word Order

a. beautiful
b. to
c. lady
d. what
e. young
f. that
g. happened
h. ?

a. how
b. us
c. waiting
d. has
e. long
f. she
g. been
h. for
i. ?