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Какой язык нужно выучить?

Отвечая на этот вопрос, нужно определить цель: для чего мне нужен английский язык? Если, к примеру, вы собираетесь сдавать TOEFL...

Викторины - Self-Study Grammar Quizzes. Active and Passive Voice.

Everybody___by the terrible news yesterday.

was shocked

Mr. Green___at the University since 1989.

has been teaching
has been taught

Not much___about the accident since that time.

has said
has been said

A new book___by that company next year.

will publish
will be published

He___the girl's name now.

is remembered

The secretary___to her new boss yesterday.

was introduced

Our plan___by the members of the committee.

is being considered
is considered

He___responsible for the accident.

was holding
was held

A prize___to whoever solves this equation.

will be giving
will be given

When the manager arrived, the problem___.

had already been solved.
had already solved.

Викторины - Word Order

a. beautiful
b. to
c. lady
d. what
e. young
f. that
g. happened
h. ?

a. how
b. us
c. waiting
d. has
e. long
f. she
g. been
h. for
i. ?

on the table.

This is .

My father gave ....

Викторины - Will Be Doing, Will Have Done

My English class ends at 3 pm. So at 4 o'clock it...

a. will be ending
b. will have ended

John swims from 9 to 10 every morning. So at 9:30 tomorrow morninghe...

a. will be swimming
b. will have swum

A lot of people...shopping.

a. was
b. were

Tom and Sarah...watching television.

a. was
b. were

I...return your 10 dollars next week.

a. am
b. do
c. will


Викторины - Until, Since, For

I've lived in America...I was five years old.

a. until
b. since
c. for

He said he would be away...Monday.

a. until
b. since
c. for