Развитие английского языка

История английского языка

Как появился, развивался и как происходил процесс становления английского языка.Начнем с того, что исторически английский язык развивался совместно с историей Англии...

Викторины - Some, Any

I'm sure I made...mistakes on the exam.


My friend didn't make...mistakes on the exam.


I should have studied...more last night.


Викторины - So, Because

It was cold...I shut the window.

a. so
b. because

The door was open...I closed it.

a. so
b. because

She doesn't like him...he isn't honest.

a. so
b. because

How long has Mary been a nurse? (April)

How long has....

Викторины - Simple Past or Past Continuous

A: Hi, Mary. I...(see/neg.)you at school last Monday.

B: Hello, Bob. I...(come/neg.)on Monday.I wasn't...(feel)well,....

Викторины - Set, Sit, Seat

The sun...in the west.

a. sets
b. sits
c. seats

The old man was...by the fire.

a. setting
b. sitting
c. seating

...the vase on the table,....

Викторины - Self-Study Grammar Quizzes. Active and Passive Voice.

Everybody___by the terrible news yesterday.

was shocked

Mr. Green___at the University since 1989.

has been teaching
has been taught