Развитие английского языка

История английского языка

Как появился, развивался и как происходил процесс становления английского языка.Начнем с того, что исторически английский язык развивался совместно с историей Англии...

Викторины - Pronouns

Despite her parents complaints, she decided to live by...in New York City.


If you happen to see your parents this weekend, give...my best regards.



Викторины - Prepositions

The train leaves...five minutes, hurry up.

a. at
b. on
c. in

I'm going to America...April.

a. at
b. on
c. in

He doesn't work...Sundays....

Викторины - Possessive Pronouns

It belongs to me, it's...

It belongs to my father, it's...

It belongs to her, it's...


Викторины - Plural Forms

How many study English as a second language?

Five opened a computer services company.

Even enjoy....

Викторины - Participles

It's...how popular American music is around the world.

a. surprised
b. surprising

I thought the movie 'Independence Day' was really....

a. bored
b. boring

Викторины - Общеупотребительные американские разговорные фразы

He's an reporter.

Do you know where the is in this town?