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Какой язык нужно выучить?

Отвечая на этот вопрос, нужно определить цель: для чего мне нужен английский язык? Если, к примеру, вы собираетесь сдавать TOEFL...

Викторины - Self-Study Grammar Quizzes. A Little , A Few.

I've got___money. Let's have coffee.

a. a little
b. a few

I've got___stamps that you can use.

a. a little
b. a few

Викторины - Reported Speech

Mary 'I love chocolate.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she...chocolate.'

a. loved
b. loves
c. loving

Mary: 'I went skiing.'
Jill: 'Mary said (that) she...skiing.'

a. went
b. had gone
c. have gone

The student...a very good question about the importance of security in the big cities.



Викторины - Question Words

...is the name of the President of the United States of America?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

...month is the Chinese new year?

a. What
b. When
c. Where

Викторины - Question Tags and Short Answers

Luciano Pavarotti is a great singer,..._?

It isn't very cold today,..._?

Ms. Patton assigns a lot of homework,..._?

...is used to mark the end of declarative and imperative sentences.

a. A period
b. A comma
c. A semi–colon