Новые способы обучения

Какой язык нужно выучить?

Отвечая на этот вопрос, нужно определить цель: для чего мне нужен английский язык? Если, к примеру, вы собираетесь сдавать TOEFL...

Викторины - Since or For

How long have you lived in the United States? (one year)

How long has Mary been a nurse? (April)

How long has Karen known Tom? (1979)

How long have they studied English? (a few months)

How long has Karen played tennis? (a long time)

How long has he worn glasses? (1975)

How long has Emily played the piano? (high school)

How long will you be on vacation? (three weeks)

How long have you driven a car? (my birthday)

How long has Ron had his new computer? (last month)

How long has she owned the book shop? (ten years)

How long has Gary played football? (several years)

How long have your friends been in town? (Monday)

How long has Mrs. Smith lived on Clark Street? (many years)

How long has the post office been closed. (five o'clock)

I have studied English.....

two months.


the beginning of the year.

about 10 minutes.

I was a child in elementary school.

six weeks.

a long time.

three days.

I was 14 years old.

a year ago.

a year.

twelve days.


I came to America.

3 hours a day for two years.

She's lived here...1975.

a. for
b. since

He's been in London...five days.

a. for
b. since

They haven't been used...many years.

a. for
b. since

She's been working...nine this morning.

a. for
b. since

I haven't eaten...hours.

a. for
b. since

It has been raining...ages.

a. for
b. since

India has been independant...1947.

a. for
b. since

They have been married...October.

a. for
b. since

How many years is it...you graduated from junior high school?

a. for
b. since

We have been waiting...twenty minutes.

a. for
b. since

Викторины - Word Order

a. beautiful
b. to
c. lady
d. what
e. young
f. that
g. happened
h. ?

a. how
b. us
c. waiting
d. has
e. long
f. she
g. been
h. for
i. ?

on the table.

This is .

My father gave ....

Викторины - Will Be Doing, Will Have Done

My English class ends at 3 pm. So at 4 o'clock it...

a. will be ending
b. will have ended

John swims from 9 to 10 every morning. So at 9:30 tomorrow morninghe...

a. will be swimming
b. will have swum

A lot of people...shopping.

a. was
b. were

Tom and Sarah...watching television.

a. was
b. were

I...return your 10 dollars next week.

a. am
b. do
c. will


Викторины - Until, Since, For

I've lived in America...I was five years old.

a. until
b. since
c. for

He said he would be away...Monday.

a. until
b. since
c. for