Методика образования

Сохраненить в памяти

Допустим, вы нашли слово, выписали (или просто посмотрели в словаре). Как сохранить его в памяти?Это зависит от характерных свойств вашей памяти и от того...

Викторины - There is, There are

There many animals in the zoo.

There a snake in the window.

There a zebra in the grass.

There lions in the zoo, too.

There many baby lions near their parents.

There a bird next to the tree.

There many monkeys in the trees.

There an elephant in the zoo.

There some water in the lake near the elephants.

There birds in the zoo.

There many people visiting the animals today.

There many children, too.

There a gorilla in the tree.

There some grass under the tree.

There bananas in the tree with the gorilla.

There many birds near the gorilla.

There a rock near the tree.

There many sharks in the aquarium.

There an eel in the aquarium, too.

There lots of water for the fish.

There many animals to see at the zoo.

Викторины - Word Order

a. beautiful
b. to
c. lady
d. what
e. young
f. that
g. happened
h. ?

a. how
b. us
c. waiting
d. has
e. long
f. she
g. been
h. for
i. ?

on the table.

This is .

My father gave ....

Викторины - Will Be Doing, Will Have Done

My English class ends at 3 pm. So at 4 o'clock it...

a. will be ending
b. will have ended

John swims from 9 to 10 every morning. So at 9:30 tomorrow morninghe...

a. will be swimming
b. will have swum

A lot of people...shopping.

a. was
b. were

Tom and Sarah...watching television.

a. was
b. were

I...return your 10 dollars next week.

a. am
b. do
c. will


Викторины - Until, Since, For

I've lived in America...I was five years old.

a. until
b. since
c. for

He said he would be away...Monday.

a. until
b. since
c. for