Развитие английского языка

История английского языка

Как появился, развивался и как происходил процесс становления английского языка.Начнем с того, что исторически английский язык развивался совместно с историей Англии...


Викторины - Almost, Almost All, Most of

...people in the world want to lead a better life.

...junior high students in Japan and Korea have to study hard to pass high school examinations.

I like summer...the time, but August is really....

Викторины - Punctuation

...is used to indicate possession.

a. A quotation
b. An apostrophe
c. A hyphen

...is used to mark the end of declarative and imperative sentences.

a. A period
b. A comma
c. A semi–colon

A comma...be....

Викторины - Are You? Do You

...you like to play soccer?

a. Does
b. Do
c. Is
d. Are

Gabriela...like to watch T.V.

a. doesn't
b. don't
c. isn't
d. aren't

John is upset because he has a lot of homework and....