Новые способы обучения

Какой язык нужно выучить?

Отвечая на этот вопрос, нужно определить цель: для чего мне нужен английский язык? Если, к примеру, вы собираетесь сдавать TOEFL...


Викторины - Going To

What...this weekend?

a. you are going to do
b. are you going to do
c. your gonna do

I'm not sure...anything special?

a. Are you going to do
b. You are going to do
c. Is going to do

My friend....

Викторины - Another, The Other, The Others, Others

There's no...way to do it.

the other

Some people like to rest in their free time...like to travel.

The others

This cake is....

Викторины - Conjunctions

Do you think this is something...can be learned?

a. who
b. that
c. Nothing (the conjunction can be omitted)

Don't go out...you've finished your work.

a. as
b. while
c. until

Make sure you close....